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Due to business development, the following candidates are urgently recruited:

1) Mechanical Engineer (1)

Responsibilities: development and management of mechanical assembly products


1. College degree or above in mechanical, mechanical and electrical, metal manufacturing;

2. More than three years of relevant working experience in mechanical and electrical manufacturing enterprises;

3. Be able to independently design the structure and process of mechanical and electromechanical assembly products (partial machinery);

4. Familiar with common metal processing technology and surface treatment technology, understand product cost accounting and quotation

5. Familiar with 3D and 2D mechanical design software;

6. Be able to communicate in basic English independently

2) Quality control of production department (1 person)


1. College degree or above, more than 5 years QC testing experience in machining enterprises, proficient in CMM three coordinates, projector, caliper, and other testing tools;

2. Understand the surface treatment quality requirements of metal products, such as electroplating, anodizing, carbonization treatment, powder spraying, etc.; be able to use film thickness meter, salt spray tester, hardness meter, roughness meter, etc.

3. Be able to read English mechanical drawings and be familiar with the filling of routine inspection report. Experience in sample development and independent PPAP documentation.

4. Understand the basic contents of ISO system documents and implement the requirements of ISO workflow.

5. Be familiar with dealing with customer complaints, and be able to complete relevant 8D reports

Company location: first floor, No. 2, No. 100, Duhui Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (shuttle bus transfers at Beiqiao station of Metro Line 5), two-day system.

Contact: Miss Li