Corporate citizenship responsibility

In Henovo, as the founder of the company, we always adhere to the sustainable and healthy development of the company and realize the social responsibility of entrepreneurs. Henovo always pays attention to the safety and health of employees, product quality, innovation and sustainable development of the company.

These commitments will become a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. Our commitments are the basis for us to win customers and ensure the healthy development of the enterprise's finance, so as to achieve our corporate goals. We believe that Henovo's corporate citizenship responsibility initiative has made positive contributions to our working and living environment, and helped us to promote the development of overseas markets, take the road of diversified development, provide customized services for customers, continuously improve product quality, and make our employees succeed in the increasingly complex world economy.

Quality assurance

These commitments are a solid foundation for the long-term and sustainable development of the enterprise, and let us create sustainable value for our customers, shareholders, employees and communities. Our commitment in these areas will be the cornerstone for us to win customers and other key external stakeholders and, as a result, successfully achieve our corporate goals. We believe that Henovo's corporate citizenship initiative has made a positive contribution to our working and living environment and helped us to achieve the long-term goal of global growth, expand beyond traditional markets, facilitate customer development, continuously improve product quality, and enable our employees to succeed in an increasingly complex world economy.

Providing such high-quality products and processes requires us to focus on our employees. Henovo actively promotes a safe working culture and environment. Henovo launched the global behavioral safety program to train and continuously improve our safety culture and practice. Our safe operation standards are not only used to evaluate our safety tracking records, but also to evaluate our suppliers. Ensuring safety is the top priority of our daily work.

We firmly believe that health and safety are closely related. Henovo's "healthy life" project aims to promote and implement activities within Henovo to educate, support and encourage employees and their families to choose a healthy, passionate and dynamic lifestyle. The healthier the employees are, the more satisfied they will be with their work, the more efficient they will be in accomplishing their work and creating a better and healthier Henovo.

Good job satisfaction comes from our commitment to create a working atmosphere full of passion for our employees. The core of this commitment is to empower employees, make them clear about their career goals, and then make plans to achieve this goal. Henovo career planning provides Henovo employees with various career opportunities and resource information to help them develop long-term career strategies. We also offer regular training and exclusive development opportunities at all levels to meet the needs of our global employees.

The essence of quality assurance is that we have the ability to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. At the same time, by providing a safe, dignified and diversified workplace, we can improve the physical and mental health of our employees, encourage them to study tirelessly, and enable our employees to achieve an efficient and healthy life.

sustainable development

In the past century, Henovo has established a good reputation as an industry leader and innovator. We always strive to do our best to achieve the commitment of sustainable development - unremitting innovation of production processes and customer solutions, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Responsible leadership

We know that our strengths - and our responsibilities as good corporate citizens - can have a positive impact on the world. This stems from our commitment to dignity, which requires us to conduct our business in good faith in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We demonstrate our responsible leadership through our actions and a range of formal initiatives.

In December 2012, Henovo's board of directors decided to adopt a global code of conduct that is common throughout the company to ensure that we are committed to operating in good faith with the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

We do business with suppliers, distributors and strategic partners in accordance with this code of ethics. Through the social responsibility guidelines in the supply chain regulations, we advocate the implementation of social responsibility principles and norms, including compliance with environmental sustainability, health and safety, fair competition, human rights and labor practices. Through our supplier sustainability self survey tool, we are committed to identifying the sustainability behaviors of key suppliers in order to understand the impact of the supply chain and identify risks in any key areas. We strive to set an example for the enterprise.