Code of conduct

Since the company set up factories in China, it has always adhered to the national laws and regulations, encouraged employees to use professional ethics to regulate daily work, respect national environmental protection policies, respect human rights and strive to improve the safe and healthy working environment. Protect the company's rights and properties (including the protection of fixed assets and intellectual property rights) and prevent conflicts of interest.

1. Comply with domestic and international laws and regulations

We comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations.

We comply with the company's internal policies and processes and request instructions if we are unsure.

We will never damage the interests of our customers due to our dealings with competitors or other companies.

We resist all corruption and do not participate in any bribery.

2. Respect and promotion of human rights

We respect every employee and give them equal opportunities for personal growth and career development. We do not discriminate against employees on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, religious belief, political party background, marital status, economic status or position. We promise to prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor in the supply chain, and protect the right of free association and collective bargaining of employees.

3. Require yourself with the highest professional ethics

We operate in good faith with the highest professionalism and abide by the highest personal, professional and legal standards.

We keep our promise and take care of our employees and other business contacts.

We are committed to building a fair, responsible and mutually beneficial partnership.

4. Respect the environment

We minimize the impact of operations on the environment, conduct responsible procurement, and make the best use of resources. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and strive to be higher than the standards required by such laws and regulations.

We fully cooperate with various environmental investigations or monitoring, and report our environmental related performance openly and truthfully.

5. Strive to create a safe, healthy and fair working environment for employees

No matter in any part of the world, we comply with the company's safety standards and ensure the safety of ourselves and our colleagues.

We conduct necessary safety training before work, and help or stop others in case of danger or violation of safety rules

We comply with all local health and safety laws and regulations and, if conditions permit, exceed the standards required by such laws and regulations.

We report the non consequential faults throughout the company and share best practice experience.

We encourage employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life, and prohibit any physical, psychological or sexual abuse, coercion or harassment at work.

6. Prevention of conflicts of interest

We ensure that the business of the company is not affected by any personal interest or relationship.

We ensure that we reimburse our employees for their official travel and accommodation expenses, and prohibit them from giving or receiving any gifts, entertainment or entertainment beyond the reasonable scope. In case of possible conflict of interest with the work, we will inform the immediate manager.

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