About Henovo

Shanghai Henovo Precision Co. ,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GHL International Co., Ltd. registered in 2004. It has 5000 square meters of standard factory buildings and more than 100 professional management and manufacturing employees.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company was mainly responsible for the design and manufacturing of precision mechanical parts for overseas industrial product users. Up to now, the company has formed a complete set of system of precision machining supporting services, ranging from the conceptual R & D design of mechanical products to the processing and forming as well as the follow-up support. At the same time, it has also supported a number of processing centers, CNC lathes and three coordinates produced in Japan and Taiwan, Projector, and other conventional testing equipment as a guarantee, which also makes the company successfully develop a representative customer business at home and abroad over the years, making it a part of the company's core business.

During the development of the company in the past 16 years, the company has always adhered to the road of diversified development, successively developed the R & D and production of food machinery series products and electrical lighting assembly to adapt to the North American market, and developed stable and in-depth cooperation supply chain resources, which can provide more value-added services for global customers. In the face of information technology and high-speed development of logistics and transportation industry, the company spare no effort to increase the investment in this area. At present, no matter in the U.S. headquarters or at home, the company has possessed the integrated service with transnational logistics and warehousing and distribution capabilities, realizing the global customer positioning and rapid response supporting services.

The company will carry on the past and open up the future. While continuing the corporate culture construction of the company, it will continue to uphold the diversified development path of customer first to provide better services for customers at home and abroad.

Purpose of our company

Keep promise, keep improving, long-term cooperation!